Tourism Potentials of Kurdistan Province

Tourism Potentials of Kurdistan Province

Kurdistan province is considered as an attractive spot for tourists due to its exceptional characteristics in terms of culture and nature. From among the attractions one can name the following: Kurdish culture and customs, the rich and intact culture of the region, Kurdish costumes, Kurdish music and language, local and traditional art. The number of tourists visiting Kurdistan province has increased over the recent years.

The unique topography of Kurdistan province, the beautiful landscapes, the green and dense forests and Zreway lake, various species of birds and animals, rushing rivers, mineral water springs, mount Abidar in Sanandaj, Qamchoqay castle in Bijar, Jame mosque of Sanandaj, the historical inscriptions in the village of Tangiwar, Negel Qur’an Hajar Khatoon Shrine, Khosro Abad mansion, the anthropological museum of the House of Kurds have turned Kurdistan province in a pole for tourism.

The cultural heritage items found in Kurdistan province amounts to 1485 and the number of natural tourism attractions is 486. From among the items found as related to the cultural heritage of Kurdistan province, 5 have been registered as having international value. There are also 2150 mosques in the province and it wins the first place Iran in terms of the number of mosques.

Mysticism has a special status in Kurdistan and the Kurds became familiar with it in the 3rd century. There are 60 Khnaghah’s (Islamic Convents) in the city of Sanandaj and the believers and followers of mysticism hold two gatherings each week in the khanghahs to perform the rituals including Sama (a type of religious dance).

Handcrafts have a long history in Kurdistan province. Some of the most important handcrafts in this province are carpet-weaving, woodwork, Gelim-weaving, weaving, pottery, Giveh-weaving, and local jewelry.

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