Economic Potentials of Kurdistan Province

Agriculture Sector

agricultureClimate and the fertile soil in Kurdistan province have created favorable conditions under which agriculture can highly develop. Kurdistan has an area of 2.8 million hectares from which 49.6% is pasture, 29% is agricultural land and 11.4% is covered by the protected forests of Zagros. As the province enjoys tremendous water resources and fertile soil, it is considered as one of the most productive provinces of Iran.

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Industry and Mining Sector


Kurdistan province enjoys 18 different kinds of minerals, 204 mines which contain 386 million tons of minerals. 4.5 million tons of minerals are annually extracted in the province and this has turned it into one of the mineral poles in the country.

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tourismKurdistan province is considered as an attractive spot for tourists due to its exceptional characteristics in terms of culture and nature. From among the attractions one can name the following: Kurdish culture and customs, the rich and intact culture of the region, Kurdish costumes, Kurdish music and language, local and traditional art. The number of tourists visiting Kurdistan province has increased over the recent years.

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