Industrial and Mining Potentials of Kurdistan Province

کارخانه تولید سیمان بیجار

Due to the following advantages, Kurdistan province can have a bright prospect in industrial sector provided that adequate investments are made:

  • Existence of agricultural and livestock raw materials to develop converting industries
  • Existence of mineral reserves to develop mineral industries
  • Existence of a pipeline to transfer ethylene from Asalviyeh to Mahabad which passes through the province and this can be exploited to develop petrochemical industries
  • Young and educated manpower and the existence of academic and scientific centers
  • 230 kilometers of common border with Iraq and the high potentiality for business exchange
  • Existence of suitable infrastructures

    Kurdistan province enjoys 18 different kinds of minerals:

204 mines which contain 386 million tons of minerals. 4.5 million tons of minerals are annually extracted in the province and this has turned it into one of the mineral poles in the country. Metal minerals of the province include iron (54 million tons) and manganese (22,000 tons). Non-metal minerals include decorative and structural stones like marble, red marble, granite, travertine (53 million tons), chalk-stone and limestone (154 million tons), pozzuolana (18 million tons), andesite (85 million tons), Silica and Feldspar (4 million tons), schiller, barite, and siltstone (980,000 tons). Establishing the relevant productive and processing units can have a vital role in improving the economic state of the region.

The main industrial and mineral productions of Kurdistan province include: cement, chalk, carpet, dairy products, granite, food industry, plastic dishes, tiles and ceramics, air-coolers, etc.

The main industrial projects which are now active in the province include: Tractor Manufacturing Company, Kurdistan Cement, Zagros Steel, Kasra Tiles, Pak Ara Dairy Products, Kurdistan Gum, Khoramdashte Kurdistan, Zarrin Banayeh Parsian, Khorshide Zrewar, Atilla Ortoped. Parris Weaving Factory, Sangeh Marjan.

The other projects which are currently under construction include Kurdistan Petrochemical Company, Kurdistan Tire Production Company, Saqiz Cement, Diwandareh Cement, Darezh Medicine Production. These projects will have tremendous effects on the development of Kurdistan province.

Among the important actions taken in order to improve the state of Kurdistan province we can name: the implementation of logistics and Industry project which started in 2008 by introducing 30 different plans in different fields: food industries, weaving, mineral and chemical fields. The fund for this plan was 6000 billion Rials. Investors were also invited to do the project.