Incentives for investing in Kurdistan Province

  1. Providing facilities from external reserves with the profit rate of 2 percent for the projects whose credit is lower than 20 million dollars. 500 million dollars for 5 years
  2. Providing investment guarantees in frontier areas according to what was ratified in the Association of Developments in the East and West of Iran
  3. 10 years of tax exemption for the newly-established units in the industrial areas and cities and agricultural zones
  4. Providing subsidized facilities for investment projects
  5. The specialized economic region of Mariwan and exploiting its advantages
  6. Granting non-returnable credits for providing infrastructural services
  7. 49% cooperation from the side of governmental companies such as Imido, Idro, Shasta, and Bonyad-e-Barakat

Special Incentives for investing in Industry and Mining Sector:

  • Up to 80% discount on the costs of preparation and implementation of the pieces of industrial lands in the industrial cities of under-developed provinces.
  • If the implementation process takes place sooner than the expected time (small projects in 12 months, medium projects in 24 months and big projects in 36 months), then for each three months, 10 percent is added to the above-mentioned discount and at most 20% more discount is given.

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